Water lily dance


WATER LILY Cards: 4 cards "Reflection" and 4 cards " Water lily dance" + envelopes

Perched Heron

HERON Cards: 4 cards "Blue Herons" and 4 cards " Perched Heron" + envelopes

Boutique de fleur Chien

Dusk in PastureT

ANIMAL Cards: 4 cards "Dusk in Pasture" and 4 cards "Boutique de fleur Chien" + envelopes

Cards size is 4.5" x 6"

Cards are in packages of 4 cards of 2 designs (8 cards) + envelopes

8 cards+ envelopes are $20 ( shipping +$3  within the USA!)

outside the USA: please contact the artist to determine shipping cost.

Freelance Artist

Poppies in Bloom

Blue Herons

Poppy Garden

POPPY Cards: 4 cards of "Poppy Garden" and 4 cards of "Poppies in Bloom" + envelopes