Poppy Garden    

Linocut       9"x12"   2 remain


 Linocut    12"x9"    Edition of 11



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Water lily dance  

Linocut    9"x12"   Edition of 12

Buffalo's Calf   

Linocut   8"x10"    Edition of 9

Greater Sage Grouse    

Linocut   9"x12"    Edition of 12  

Nesting Robin

 Linocut    12"x9"   Edition of 7

Yellowstone Spring  

Linocut   8"x10"    Edition of 9

Linocuts    Please contact the artist for the price and Edition Available at:  bernadette@nwinet.com

la Competencia  

Linocut     12.5"x9.5"     Edition of 6

Sheep of the Dales

 Linocut     12"x9"  Edition of 11

Poppy Season  

Linocut   12"x9"    Edition of 7 

Perched Heron

Linocut    12"x9"   2 remain

Barn Cat

Linocut  12"x9"    Edition of 5

Freelance Artist

Bison Bull    

Linocut   8"x10"   Edition of 9

Boutique de fleur Chien   

Linocut     9"x12"     Edition of 8